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Onam celebrations at NID
26 September 2008

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Lights !
25 July 2008

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shadow lines
4 July 2008

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bombay : )
1 July 2008

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urban wilderness
21 June 2008

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20 June 2008

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13 June 2008

Recent Comments

Colin on College Day !
Love it - wonderful in so many ways

sid on College Day !
and she does it again !

sid on shadow lines
brilliant !

maarhuthi on Onam celebrations at NID
awesome click

Abhinandan on .
oh..amazing..whats dat??

madcat on bombay : )
i like the clouds. It almost seems like a giant bomb is going off...

dj.tigersprout on Onam celebrations at NID
a beautiful abstraction -- just wonderful tones and soft glows!

Silverado Photography on kisha : )
So Lovely!

Laurie on shadow lines
Interesting shot! I like those rays coming off the sun and the wire looks dangerous!

Camiller on Lights !
Excellent idea and composition. Beautiful picture

Mandy Provan on Lights !
So very different!! Interesting shot

zOOm on Lights !
So graphic !

dj.tigersprout on Lights !
i love this abstract! so well done! all that black is just riveting!

kgree on shadow lines
love it! its a great ironic contrast between the freedom of the sunshine and the repression of the barbedwire.

Mandy Provan on shadow lines
Cool abstract photo, like the bright sunshine between the wire

António Pires on .
Interesting abstract.

dj.tigersprout on shadow lines
wonderful composition and lighting here mate -- very cool indeed!

Vink on shadow lines
Graphic shot ! well done !

Mike on shadow lines
I really like this abstract. Great photo.

kgree on bombay : )
i have a minor sunset obsession. this ones awesome :)

Anthony Lambert on .
Good abstract.

Anthony Lambert on ....
Nice idea,well done

david on bombay : )
Wow, wunderful picture. Brillant sky ! Thanks for your comment Jessica.

Sri Harsha on bombay : )
Brilliant shot. Awe inspiring!

dj.tigersprout on bombay : )
wow -- UFO's are coming! :) beautiful lighting situation! the screen just glows!

Vink on bombay : )
Very nice atmosphere ! Bravo !

Shiv on .
What can i say? I am not expert on photography but as a layman i think you are becoming better by the day :)

Stephen Phillips on .
I would love to see this printed huge. A strong abstract with texture and color that could seem unworldly. Nice.

dj.tigersprout on .
Yes -- quite trippy... awesome color!

drphoto on .
Great image - like looking at the synapses of a brain =D) Dan

Florence on .
Don't know wht it is Jessica, but it's a great close-up. Powerful red ! :-)

tyan on .
wow,very curious what this is,and how you get such a shot like that:) like some bee hive.

Thomas Griffioen on ....
I completely agree with DJ, great silhouette!

dj.tigersprout on ....
i love your marvelous silhouette shots! very touching and quite powerful too!

bluechameleon on ....
Beautiful work!!

Daryl on qutub
What a mysterious silhouette!

Observing on qutub
Wow... high in the sky ! Do people go up there ? Very good angle, very good photo.

dj.tigersprout on qutub
wow... great feeling here -- a quiet giant... soft, yet massive. wonderful!

dj.tigersprout on through the looking glass
this makes for a very interesting abstract... with white negative space. :)

drum on kisha : )
very good color portrait like the PoV and the tight crop

Richard_Irwin on urban wilderness
Its amazing what can be found to photograph, nice abstract and title.

Vink on kimi : )
Nice atmosphere ! simple and beautiful

Saeed on urban wilderness
interesting shot . . .

dj.tigersprout on urban wilderness
wow... looks like a drink! but i guess it wouldn't be so good to try! :)

bluechameleon on out of focus .
I like it!

bluechameleon on .
This is just beautiful, Jessica. I really like your perspective, composition and softness.

bluechameleon on urban wilderness
very cool abstract!

chum on urban wilderness
interesting shot there. like the way you've rendered the colours.

Ekaputra Tupamahu on urban wilderness
interesting image Jessica. the composition is excellent!

dj.tigersprout on .
love this angle... and the colors!

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